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Commands, relates to people or a person who gives an authoritative order for something to be done.

Some Imperative Sentences: Attend the meeting. Book a hotel room. Climb the stair. Discharge your duty. Enforce the law. Fill out this form. Go on foot. Hang a painting. Improve your appearance. Jump that gate. Keep up your English. Light a candle. Mend your ways. Note this down. Open up the cage. Push a trolley. Quash a decision. Return to work. Spell it out. Tie your shoe laces. Unpack the luggage. Vacate the place. Walk elegantly. English Language Imperative Sentences -- A Accept the decision. Achieve your target. Add details to this report. Adopt ‘do it right’ approach. Adopt wait and watch policy. Aim it. Analyze the sample. Apply another coat of paint. Apply for a job. Apply for passport. Apply ointment. Appoint a manager. Approve the plan. Arrange everything before it is late. Arrive early on the scene. Ask for a receipt. Ask for more information. Ask him his name. Ask him what had happened. Ask politely. Assert your independence. Associate with the best. Attach photocopies of your documents. Go to  the meeting. Attract new customers. Avoid cold and very hot items. Avoid the traffic. Avoid tobacco. Avoid unsafe food items. Away, I follow you.   English Imperative Sentences -- B Ban human cloning. Bask in the winter sun. Be a realist. Be a volunteer. Be action-oriented. Be ambitious. Be careful with the bags. Be cautious. Be cheerful in adversity. Be specific about your mission. Be confident. Be creative. Be established wherever you are. Be loyal to your master. Be open-minded. Be positive. Be proficient in Martial Arts. Be quiet. Be ready. Be seated. Be serious about your work. Be truthful to yourself. Begin the lesson. Behave in an acceptable manner. Behave yourself. Beware of imitation. Beware of pickpockets. Blow away the remaining dust. Blow out the candle. Lock the door from inside/outside. Book a band for wedding ceremony. Book a hotel room. Borrow a book from the library. Break down cultural barriers. Breathe easily. Breathe in deeply. Bridge the widening gap. Bring fruits for ten dollars. Send him to the front. Bring resolution to a vote. Bring that lamp to me. Bring the milk to the boil. Broaden your horizons. Brush your teeth. Buckle her into her seat. Build it again. Build up funds. Burn it now. Burn off the fuel. Bury your differences. Button up your coat.  - 

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