Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What is a pencil drawing?

This type of drawing, has to do with sketches, that can be made in any drawing medium.This term can be referred to as drawings that are to be implemented in pen, ink, water colour, ballpoint pen and oil paint. These words or phrase can also apply to graphic work that is done in dry medium such as silver point, pencil, pastel, charcoal or graphite.

Life study art is, the term that can refer to the act of creating a drawing. A figure drawing may be created work of art or a figure of study that is done in preparation for a more finished work such as a painting. A life drawing is drawing of a real human quality figure based on looking at a live model, in real life.

A fine artist is a term that is used to describe various art disciplines, such as sculpture, drawing and painting. The fine artist is a serious skill. Fine artist do their work across various mediums. They can use metal, clay, photographic film, wood, and paper.

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