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Proper parenting techniques, refers to the way in parents choose to raise their children, and enforce expectations.

Parenting is very important in a child's life. Children need to have parents who are responsible, caring and nurturing to children.  The time that a parent spends with a child is also important. Proper parenting involves that the parent read material relating to raising a child, constantly.  Through reading material on parenting the parent is able to better raise the child and learn from others. Parenting is a very big responsibility, because proper parenting can affect the development and direction that your child goes in life.  Parents who are exercise good parenting skills are usually utilizing these skills on a constant and consistent basis.  A good parent who is utilizing good parenting skills will always do what is in the best interest of the child.  This is of the most importance because the child is depending on the parent for direction, discipline and focus.  Good parenting involves directing a child in proper behavior, grooming, study skills, social skills and etiquette. Utilizing these positive skills will help the child have a good start in life and help them to be successful.

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